• Telecom Division Capabilities  

    Total solutions provided for Access Network including supply & services:

    o Multi-service routers and carrier Ethernet access devices enabling major telecoms service providers to deliver business-grade managed services, IP-VPN, VoIP, Legacy Migration & Wireless LAN.
    o Broadband Wireless Access System Solutions for Cable TV networks
    o GSM, EDGE, UMTS, LTE & Tetra Infrastructure products for RF Communication
    o Antenna and Cable Products, Base Station Sub Systems, Network Solutions, Wireless Innovation and Satellite Communication.
    o Fiber to the Home Solutions for Outside and Inside Plant
    o Passive Fiber Optic and Structured Cabling Products
    o Fiber Management Systems for FTTx and LTE Networks
    o Field deployable Test and Measurement equipment that is essential for maintaining optical networks.
    o Structured Cabling solutions for high performance copper and fiber networks connectivity requirements.
    o Hybrid fiber-wireless gateway for first mile applications.
    o Connectivity accessories and devices for in-home networks.

    Consultancy and products for outside plant network rehabilitation, reorganization and construction of new facilities.
    Copper & Fiber optic cable system integration and turnkey solution for Industrial projects.
    Network enhanced and Value added services using IVRs for GSM & PSTN Networks.
    Total solutions for Industrial PA Systems, Public Sirens & CCTV Systems.
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  • 3M Outside Plant Products

    3M are one of the leading providers of solutions to major telecommunication access providers, local exchange carriers and PTTs for higher bandwidth and speed at reduced cost and time. Products available for enhanced bandwidth with fiber-to-the desk at costs comparable to copper. Telecom connectivity products covering MDF, External line plant material, customer premises and ISDN network transmission products. Copper & Fiber Optic products for cable assemblies, termination, splicing, closures, management & distribution systems. Advanced test equipments & customer training programs ensure protection and trouble free operation of networks.

    3M field products cover the connectors, Splicing Modules, Scotchlock, Modular Copper and FO Splice protection. Copper Test Equipment include Dynatel loop analyzers, loop testers, cables and fault locators, Electronic marker systems and FO mini OTDR & Optical Network Tester.

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  • Cabinets, Closures, MDF & ODF

    3M has a wide range of Cabinets for different applications. The INCA series GRP cabinets are available in wide range of sizes and are specifically designed for telecom and data applications. The external housing are free standing weather-resistant, Glass reinforced polyester. Stainless Steel frames inside can accommodate either copper terminal blocks or rails to install the modules.

    3M has complete range of splice protection closures suitable for both copper and fiber optic cables. These closures are suitable for manholes, direct burial, pole/wall mount or aerial application. Copper closures include re-enterable dome closures, encapsulated better buried closures, 2 type pressurized closures available in wide variety of lengths & diameter, watertight closures and Vault/Riser closures.

    Fiber optics splice protection closures are widely used for all application. The chemical resistant 2178 closures are ideal for outside plant in underground, aerial, pedestal and direct buried application.

    3M range of MDF meets the complete management system for analog and digital local and central exchanges. The accessories include line and exchange side terminal connectors and modules, jumpers, voltage protection magazine, tools and plugs. The small to medium capacity MDF for commercial and residential buildings are available in free standing or wall mounted frames

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  • Fibre Optic Cables & Accessories

    Mohawk/CDT has been manufacturing and testing fiber optic cable in accordance with several industry standards, including Bellcore GR-409-CORE, REA PE-90 and TIA/EIA-568-A, since 1990. The cables are listed by Underwriters Laboratories as being in compliance with the National Electrical Code and are verified to the TIA/EIA-568-A standard by ETL.

    The TruLite fiber optic products line includes tight buffer cable for indoor applications and loose tube for outdoor and indoor/outdoor applications. Cables are available with fiber counts ranging from 1 to 144 in multimode, single-mode, or hybrid versions.

    AdvanceLite is a new fiber optic cable line with Gigabit performance...ready now, for next generation installations. AdvanceLite features Corning's new InfiniCor fiber optimized for laser-based protocols.

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  • Nortel IVR Systems

    Nortel Networks Periphonics portfolio is a complete suite of advanced voice processing and speech technology products and services.

    Nortel Periphonics Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Portfolio
    Periphonics IVR Portfolio is a customer self-service solution that provides touch-tone, speech and web-enabled applications.

    A scalable Interactive Voice Response system capable of handling 4 to 960 telephone ports.

    Media Processing Server (MPS) 100, (MPS) 500, (MPS) 1000
    Providing small-to-medium Contact Centers a cost-effective integrated voice response (IVR) solution, enabling customers 24-hours access to services and information and reduction of toll charges.

    Periphonics Speech Processing Platform (OSCAR)
    Nortel Networks Speech Processing Platform, OSCAR, provides multi-function capabilities in an open client environment. It is highly scalable and delivers speech technology options such as speech recognition, text-to-speech and speaker verification. Nortel Networks Speech Technology Portfolio is a comprehensive offering of speech solutions built on solid technology and industry-leading experience. Complete, turnkey solutions including platform, tools applications and services are offered.

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  • DRALLIM Cable & Waveguide Pressurization Equipment

    Drallim Telecom produces Cable Pressurization Equipment, Cable Pressure Monitoring Equipment, Waveguide pressurization equipment and Network Security Systems for the telecom industry and Remote Cable Monitoring Systems for the Power Industry.

    Cable Pressurization Equipment:

    Copper cables used in the Telecom industry use the latest developments in technology to deliver high speed internet access and broadband services. These cables develop holes in the sheath leading to deterioration and replacement of cable lengths. When pressurized with sufficiently dry air, these cables will provide decades of reliable use in return for very low maintenance costs. Drallim dehydrators used in such networks create adequate air pressure, volume and dryness in the cable with pressurized air. Drallim has dehydrators of different capacities to meet all requirements of the industry. The dehydrators are available from 1 to 80 outlets with dry air delivery from 30 to 185 Cubic Ft/hr at an output pressure of 3 to 15 psi.

    Waveguide Pressurization Equipment:

    This equipment is used in the Base Station of a Microwave Antenna Tower. In the absence of dry air, Waveguide will suffer from condensation. This will create signal loss, leading to dropped calls, increased running costs and poor environmental performance. The water will irreparably degrade the Waveguide. Waveguide can be filled with dry air upon installation and sealed, but if a leak develops the air will be lost leading the water to enter the waveguide.

    Drallim dehyrator will fill several Waveguides with very dry air, at very low pressure and assists in the long term reliability of the microwave link. It helps to increase transmission capacity and reduces operating costs. The dehydrators are available from 3 to 10 outlets with dry air delivery from 5 to 35 Cubic Ft/hr at an output pressure of 0.5 to 5 psi.

    Cable Pressure Monitoring (303 Monitoring System):

    Dry air compressed into a copper cable will protect the copper from the potential ingress of moisture, improving reliability and clarity, and reducing long term costs. The pressure can provide an additional facility of allowing maintenance engineers to predict and locate potential faults, by identifying holes in the cable sheathing. The Drallim 303 System comprehensively provides the customers with these facilities.

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    The foremost feature of this system is to produce alarms when air pressure falls below a selected threshold. These alarms can be divided into groups and routed to different alarm terminal PCs instantly. An illustrated graph indicates multiple readings and interpolation lines will help pinpoint the hole in the cable. The system has many self diagnostic features in addition to above. The system consists of Transducers, Control Units, Software and an optional central computer network.

    'CABALARM' Network Security for Cabinets

    Street Cabinets are the gateway to the Cable Network of the Telecom Industry. Cabalarm gives the network manager the ability to constantly monitor the access to the cabinets and react to illegal openings. Cabalarm is an intelligent system, which will allow access to all or selected cabinets in the network and access is provided to people who are designated. It provides access control to the network engineers and also allows different security levels of operation to restrict contractors access into Cabinets.

    Cabalarm also allows system administrator to open cabinets from his PC and it also provides access history reports from the database. The interface between a telecom technician and Cabalarm is a secure electronic stainless steel lock.