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Codemlon Healthcare Communication Systems

With over four decades of success underpinned by stability, reliability and a commitment to long-term partnership with its customers, Static Systems Group can boast probably the largest dedicated resource to nurse call in the world. In line with the company’s policy of continually listening to end users and evolving to ensure its products meet with the changing needs of patients and staff, Static Systems has developed the Codemlon advanced healthcare communication system.

The primary function of Codemlon is to provide patients with a means of alerting staff. The system has however been designed to be flexible: allowing additional facilities to be added as required to meet with the specific needs of individual ward management practices and to assist staff in providing patient focussed care.

Codemlon utilises the well proven LonWorks® technology for critical alarm reliability within the ward area; and the latest IP based technologies for site-wide alarm reporting and VoIP communication.

Codemlon offers one integrated solution for:

  1. Nurse Call
  2. Nurse Presence
  3. Two-way voice communication
  4. Bed Transfer
  5. Patient Entertainment
  6. Personnel Attack Alarm
  7. Staff paging
  8. Event logging

Features & Benefits:

  1. Unrivalled flexibility
  2. User-defined calls
  3. Quick to install
  4. Easy to maintain
  5. Simple to modify
  6. Anti-microbial protection
  7. Low cost of ownership:
  8. site-programmability
  9. simple power supply units
  10. long-life LEDs
  11. modular equipment
  12. ‘BedBinder’ user maintenance software

Bedhead Services Trunking & Lighting Solutions

MODUS Bedhead Services Trunking and Lighting Solutions

Committed to delivering excellence in the acute healthcare environment, Static Systems’ specialist knowledge and extensive experience has led to the introduction of MODUS – a fully integrated bedhead services trunking and lighting solution; designed to enhance the patient environment whilst delivering benefits for both clinical staff and installation project teams.

Leading the field in best practice and innovation, MODUS comprises a range of modular component parts and a well thought out approach to installation – offering an unrivalled, time efficient build method for site installation as well as providing for units to be delivered to site fully assembled with all services installed, tested, certified in line with current standards and fitted with modular wired connectors. Meeting with the requirements of CIBSE LG2 lighting standards, MODUS luminaries incorporate features for improved reliability and energy efficiency.

Helping to raise standards in patient care, the attention to detail afforded MODUS includes the addition of a silver-based anti-microbial agent into the plastic components and the powder coat finish to assist in reducing the risk of cross infection between patients.

MODUS bedhead services trunking, designed for:

  1. The healing environment
  2. Infection control
  3. Functionality
  4. Flexibility
  5. Ease of installation
  6. Off-site construction

MODUS luminaries, designed for:

  1. Optimum performance
  2. Reliability
  3. Efficiency
  4. Ease of installation

System 790 Flatwall Units

Supplied with an assembled carcass and ready for surface mounting, System 790 is ideal for installation within pre-fabricated buildings and for ‘fast-track’ and refurbishment projects as well as new build.

Units are purpose designed to suit hospital clinical requirements and are available in a variety of RAL colours to complement ward decor.

To assist in reducing the risk of cross infection between patients, System 790 Units include a silver-based anti-microbial agent within plastic components and the powder coat finish.

Features and benefits:

  1. Surface mounted for ease of installation
  2. Segregated cabling for ELV and LV services
  3. Front access to electrical and gas components for ease of maintenance and servicing
  4. Standard colour finish: ‘white’ – RAL 9010, 25% gloss (matt)
  5. Frame extruded from type HE9 aluminium for maximum strength
  6. Accommodates many different types of gas outlet, medical, electrical, lighting and communications equipment
  7. Non-standard heights and widths are available
  8. Suitable for installation away from the wall and within window recesses
  9. Available fully assembled with cable connectors for modular build
  10. Includes anti-microbial agent for reduced risk of cross infection

Wireless Communications

About Wireless Communications

As the UK’s leading provider of healthcare communication systems to the acute hospital sector, Static Systems understands the requirement for accurate, fast and reliable site communications to support the ever increasing demands made on frontline personnel and support services. Accordingly, the company has extended its product range to include Internet Protocol (IP) and Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) mobile phones, together with a range of paging units.

The need to establish the suitability of a particular technology for a given application is paramount – which is why our alarm systems do not support only one product protocol. Static Systems’ aim is to provide the right system to improve efficiency and to meet with the functional requirements of the site.

A detailed analysis of the site and the system of operation is a crucial starting point for any site alarm integration proposal. Static Systems understand this and have in place well established consultation procedures to help clients to decide on the suitability of a particular technology to fullfil management needs.

Wireless handsets can be integrated with the majority of Static Systems’ alarm product ranges

System features can include:

  1. Paging
  2. Text messaging
  3. Conference calling
  4. Group messaging
  5. E-mail notification
  6. Two-way duplex speech

Fire Alarm Systems

Static Systems Group believe the key to effective fire detection and alarm solutions lies with taking a ‘systems’ approach. This means bringing together all elements: detection, annunciation, control and wiring, to ensure full compatibility and trouble free operation.

The standards we set ourselves are high, with great emphasis being placed on equipment quality and system reliability. In recognition of our competence in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of fire alarm systems in accordance with ISO 9001:2000, we are LPS 1014 accredited by the Loss Prevention Certification Board. Static Systems are also SAFEcontractor accredited.

Series 900 Fire Alarm Systems

Series 900 has been developed specifically for the protection of large sites such as: hospitals, educational establishments and large public buildings including museums and shopping centres – sites where a tailored, and often complex system of operation is required.

Series 600 Fire Alarm Systems

Introduced specifically for the protection of mid-range installations, such as community hospitals, care homes, detention centres and court houses, Series 600 fire alarm systems can be specified with 1, 2 or 4 detection loops with the ability to accommodate up to 96 zones.

Prison Alarm Systems

Codemlon Cell Call Systems

In accordance with the 1952 Prison Act, it is a requirement that every cell shall have a means of communicating with the wing office. Traditionally, this has been achieved through the use of hard-wired equipment which, by its very nature, is inflexible and unable to keep pace with changing prison management practice.

In response, Static Systems has taken advantage of advances in technology by developing Codemlon-Secure – a software controlled, auditable cell call system meeting with the current Home Office specification for this type of equipment. Codemlon-Secure uses LONWORKS™ well proven communications protocol.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Audit trail
  2. Hard copy print out
  3. Quick identification of calls
  4. Two-way speech
  5. Mains power
  6. Proven communications technology
  7. Phased installation
  8. Site-programmable
  9. Assistance with maintenance
  10. Upgrade option for existing systems

Codemlon General Alarm Systems

For their own protection, prison officers need a reliable means of raising an alarm and summoning assistance in the event of an incident. Static Systems, in line with H.M.Prison Service specification for general alarm systems have developed Codemlon-Alarm.

Utilizing established Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) technology renowned for its reliability, Codemlon-Alarm is an ‘auditable’ system which records the operation of all general alarm equipment; allowing staff to determine conclusively when and where an alarm was raised and when the call was accepted and reset at the local indicator panel.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Audit trail
  2. Hard copy print out
  3. Quick identification of calls
  4. Proven communications technology
  5. Surge protection
  6. Phased installation
  7. Site-programmable
  8. Assistance with maintenance

Series 900 Fire Alarm Systems

Static Systems Group believe the key to effective fire detection and alarm solutions lies with taking a ‘systems’ approach. This means bringing together all elements: detection, annunciation, control and wiring, to ensure full compatibility and trouble free operation.

Static Systems' fire teams have extensive experience in providing fire protection for detention establishments and have developed the Series 900 range to work harmoniously within a prison environment.

System Features:

  1. Open protocol
  2. Proven technology
  3. Reliable operation
  4. Flexibility
  5. Programmable on site
  6. Designed for ease of installation and operation
  7. Easily upgraded and reconfigured – accommodates phased installation
  8. Standalone and network compatible

Panel Features:

  1. Large backlit liquid crystal display
  2. Cursor keys and scroll indicators
  3. Primary control buttons
  4. Engineer control buttons
  5. Secret-til-lit display
  6. ‘Picture-frame’ mounting
  7. Compact Annunciator

Project Support & Site Services

Static Systems Group is a name synonymous with the provision of alarm and communication systems; offering a complete service:

  • System assessment and advice – recognising Static Systems’ specialist knowledge of the various standards and requirements, technical and support teams with a wealth of experience are on hand to provide advice and engineer solutions to meet individual client needs.
  • Project management – from the design of a system through to installation and management of the site post-contract, Static Systems offer specialist assistance, with the entire project management function tailored to suit client requirements.
  • Installation – under the direct control of a site supervisor, installation is carried out by highly trained personnel specialising in the installation of alarm and communications equipment.
  • Commissioning – Static Systems’ trained engineers are available to commission equipment. Systems commissioned by Static Systems are covered by a comprehensive 12 month warranty which provides on-site rectification of faults.
  • Site service – should a breakdown occur, Static Systems’ service team will arrange to attend site to carry out repairs to the system.
  • User training – where a building has its own in-house maintenance team or where end-user experience of the alarm system is limited, Static Systems offer system training, tailored to meet individual needs.
  • Site assessment surveys – where equipment is already installed, Static Systems will assist in providing an assessment to ascertain compliance with the latest equipment and system standards such as British/European Standards and Hospital Technical Memorandum (HTM). The growing emphasis on self-assessment in recent regulations makes this a valuable service to customers in meeting their legal and mandatory obligations.
  • Preventative maintenance – maintenance support contracts are available, tailored to suit client requirements. Comprehensive 24 hour response to breakdowns can be provided as part of a fully managed service. Other packages are available.