• Power Electronics Division Capabilities  

    Engineering, Design & Integration
    Certified OEM Trained Engineers & Technicians to carry out all mission critical procedures utilizing state of the art tools & software.

    Project Management
    The seasoned Project Team is self-capable of planning, organizing, motivating, controlling resources, procedures and protocols in order to achieve specific milestones. Our Project Managers are well capable to manage the project goals and objectives, while honoring the preconceived constraints.

    Installation, Testing & Commissioning
    We have Technically qualified and experienced Professionals to carry out installations, Testing & Commissioning tasks. We do have previous hands on experience for Solar Systems, DC Power Systems, UPS (Commercial and Industrial) Systems and different types of Batteries.

    Warehousing Facilities
    We have a full-fledge partially air conditioned warehouse located at Mina Port Area, Abu Dhabi. Here, we are capable of performing various kinds of service activities like Storage, Battery Charging, Capacity Test, Discharge Test, System integration, Maintenance job, Fault finding, Repairing, Assembling etc.

    After Sales Support
    Efficient & experienced after sales force is the back bone of our Success. The concerned team members are focused in their respective product lines and are continuously putting their best efforts to keep our direct and indirect customers, Happy.

    We can customize and deliver training programs to our customers for proper operation & maintenance of all the systems, we deal with.

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    AEG Power Solutions

  • GNB (Exide) Technologies


    GNB (Exide) Technologies, with operations in more than 80 countries, has the products and services to meet the worlds stored energy needs in transportation and industrial markets. With more than 120 years in the battery business, Exide has the experience, advanced research and development capabilities, and knowledge to provide solutions to various stored energy requirements.
    GNB batteries are a division of Exide Technologies and produce products such as the GNB Flooded Classic line of UPS batteries. Some other very popular batteries they produce are the GNB Marathon Batteries, the GNB Sprinter, as well as the GNB Sunlyte.

    Technologies Used:
    • Flooded
    • AGM
    • Gel Battery Models:
    • Absolyte
    • Classic
    • Marathon
    • Spinter
    • Sunlyte

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  • GE Consumer & Industrial Electrical Distribution


    GE Critical Power, a division of GE, is a major solutions provider and thought leader in the effort to modernize and optimize the way in which we generate, move and consume energy. The global team is inventing, improving and integrating communications, automation, and power delivery technologies. The Concerned Executives are leading the charge, serving on standards boards, industry task forces and government advisory committees, sharing unmatched experience and expertise to help overcome the capacity and environmental challenges of an increasingly electrified world. GE provide products & services from the Power Plant to the End Power Consumer (Commercial, Industrial and Residential)


    UPS Models – VCL Series, VCO Series, GT Series, LP Series, SG Series, TLE Series
    UPS Ranges from 400 VA to 800 KW
    Benefits – fast return on Investments, low cost designs, high efficiency units, less footprints, high power density, more reliability, ensures safe & reliable power
    Products as per international acceptable standards
    Round the clock service support from Telectron & GE
    Easy & fast availability of the spare parts


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    Established in 1976, Statron is today a leading international provider of secured power supply solutions. With over 30 years of continuous research and development we set new industry standards when it comes to reliability and availability. Using the newest technology our products insure quality, safety and serviceability. With headquarters and production in Mägenwil, Switzerland, Statron is has its subsidiary offices and representatives all around the world providing a unique global service network.

    Statron AG is ISO 9001 quality standard and ISO 14001 environmental standards certified; covering the development, manufacturing and trade of systems, equipment and components to improve secure and adapt the power supply.

    Statron Offers varied AC and DC Power Supply Systems which are frequently used in the harshest of environments, providing safe power supplying critical loads such as emergency lighting, data centers, process control systems on oil rigs, in refineries and power plants.

    Products - With our wide range of products, from battery chargers, standard UPS Systems to customized complicated UPS systems and industrial batteries, we provide a great flexibility in offering the right product for every customer requirement and application like:
    • Battery Chargers
    • Inverters
    • UPS
    • Modular Power Supplies
    • Frequency Converters
    • AC Voltage Stabilizers
    • Industrial Batteries

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    ZTE Corporation is one of the listed global integrated telecommunications manufacturing companies and the global providers of telecommunications equipment and network solutions. Through twenty-five years' development, ZTE has scaled up its operation, at the same time, has seriously implemented the scientific development concept, actively fulfilled the corporate social responsibility, and consciously put the corporate social responsibility in the mindset of the company's strategy, corporate culture and operating activities, thus making every efforts to establish harmonious corporate.

    With operations in 160 countries, the company is a leader in technology innovation, delivering superior products and business solutions to clients all over the world. Founded in 1985, ZTE is listed on both the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges and is China’s largest listed telecoms equipment company.

    Core Products List:
    • DC Rectifier Systems
    • Wireless
    • Core network
    • Fixed Access
    • Energy and infrastructure


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  • Solar Power Systems


    Kyocera is one of the world’s leading producers and suppliers of solar photovoltaic modules and systems. With a 38-year history of innovation in solar technology, the company is recognized as an industry pioneer and has set repeated world records in multicrystalline silicon cell efficiency. Kyocera serves thousands of residential and industrial customers in both developed and developing regions, with more than 3 gigawatts of solar collection equipment installed since 1975. Kyocera Solar, Inc. is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona with regional sales affiliates in the Americas and Australia.

    Kyocera Corporation the parent and global headquarters of the Kyocera Group, was founded in 1959 as a producer of fine (or “advanced”) ceramics.

    Kyocera specializes in combining these engineered materials with other technologies to create solar power generating systems, printers, copiers, mobile phones, electronic components, semiconductor packages, cutting tools and industrial components.

    Kyocera Solar, Inc. is a world-leading supplier of environmentally sound, solar electric energy solutions.
    Current Product Range includes –

    KD Modules Complete Series (135W-320W)
    KD300-80 Series - 80 Cell Modules - 315-320 Watt Modules
    KD200-60 Series - 60 Cell Modules - 240 Watt - 250 Watt Modules
    KD200-54 Series - 54 Cell Modules - 215 Watt - 220 Watt Modules
    KD100-36 Series - 36 Cell Modules - 140 Watt Modules
    KD100-36 FSX Series - 36 Cell Modules - 140 Watt Modules


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