• Fire & Gas Division Capabilities  
      · Engineering & Design:
      OEM Certified Engineers carrying all aspects of mission critical design in-house utilizing state of the art tools & software. All designs are carried out using international safety standards and guidelines.
      · Supply:
      Professional procurement team Guarantees on-time delivery and ensure completion of mission critical projects at lowest cost to client. Our stocking capability ensures on time & earliest delivery.
      · Project Management, Installation & commissioning:
      Factory trained and certified installation/commissioning team under the management of committed project managers ensuring efficient installation of complete range of fire alarm & fire fighting system. Trained & certified engineer to carry out enclosure integrity testing essential for clean agent suppression system.
      We follow all the safety (HSE) regulations and conduct training to our engineer & monitor site activities by dedicated in house safety consultant.
      · Life-Cycle Support: Highly professional & well organized maintenance team occupied with state of art equipments and backed up by cutting edge software packages to cater for the highly demanding & critical areas of day-to-day maintenance of fire & gas system which are crucial in running business including industrial plant, commercial institutions, on-shore oil field & refineries, offshore platforms.
      · Training: We maintain a training team comprising of well qualified engineer to train the end user / operators on the proper operation & maintenance of our systems. Training team is capable of providing class-room training as well as equipment based field training, with all the adequate training equipment.

      Our Strengths

        Solid base of sales team ensuring product influence, tendering, and contract
      closing capabilities
      Strong presence in the oil & gas sector of the UAE offering local influence and projects intelligence
      Technical support from Abu Dhabi & Dubai offices
      Dubai branch office covering the industrial projects in northern emirates
      FM200 & NOVEC1230 Refilling facility for support of local and regional markets
      Ability to dispatch commissioning engineer for regional works on project by project basis
      In house F&G system engineering and integration on electrical scale
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  • Fire Extingushing Systems

    Kidde-Fenwal originated in 1966 when Walter Kidde & Company, a leading fire protection manufacturer headquartered in Clifton, NJ, acquired Fenwal, Inc., an Ashland-based manufacturer of temperature and gas ignition controls. Both Walter Kidde and Fenwal, having begun their business operations during the 1930's, were already considered among the top companies in their respective industries.
    In 1989, Williams Holdings Ltd., a major British industrial corporation, acquired Fenwal, Inc. and the other Kidde fire protection companies. Following the acquisition, Kidde's Wake Forest, NC operations were merged with Fenwal's Ashland facility, and in 1991, the new company was renamed Kidde-Fenwal, Inc. In 2005, United Technologies Corporation acquired Kidde plc and created the entity UTC Fire & Security, which is now a part of UTC Climate, Controls and Security.

    Engineered Clean agent Fire Suppression system
    3M ™ Novec ™ 1230 / FM-200®
    ADS™ FM-200® (High Pressure)
    ADS™ Novec ™ 1230 (High Pressure) NEW*
    Argonite® Inert Gas
    WHDR™ Kitchen hood fire suppression system
    Fire Alarm & Suppression control unit
    Conventional & Intelligent Smoke detectors
    AIR-Intelligence™ HSSD SYSTEM
    LHS™ linear heat sensor
    Alarmline™ linear heat detectors

    Clean Agent fire suppression system features
    1. Zero Ozone Depletion potential (ODP)
    2. Low Global warming potential (GWP)
    3. Lowest atmospheric lifetime
    4. Largest safety Margin

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  • Fireclass Fire detections  

    Fireclass is a revolutionary new class of fire detection products. Comprising a comprehensive range of fully approved quality products designed and manufactured in Europe, FireClass is designed to appeal to both the end user and installer. It is the latest fire detection technology packaged as an easy to install, out-of-the-box, digital open-protocol solution
    FireClass provides a broad range of detection solutions.

    -FireClass conventional fire detection products range from the low cost Duo-CEL 2 zone panel to the powerful and expandable 32 zone Precept EN Panel. These are complemented by an enviable range of conventional fire detectors and accessories focused on providing comprehensive protection and minimum false alarms.

    -FireClass addressable fire detection product range from the easily installed out-of-the box FC501 to the 4Loop FireClass 64 and FireClass 240 networked open protocol fire panels with optional FireClass Graphics.FireClass addressable uses a powerful digital open protocol for high reliability and flexibility in installation.

    In order to ensure peace of mind for both the installer and end user, FireClass products are third party approved and certified to relevant European standards. FireClass approvals go beyond the minimum requirements including EN54 approval of the FireClass network, EN54 detector approval in all detection modes and the Prescient III Extinguishing Panel having
    EN54-2, EN54-4 and EN12094-1 approval.

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  • Det-tronics Fire & Gas Systems & Equipments  

    Since 1973, Det-Tronics has provided customers with the highest quality products and systems for flame and gas detection and hazard mitigation. The company designs, builds, tests and commissions SIL 2 Capable flame and gas safety products that range from conventional panels to fault-tolerant, addressable systems that are globally certified.

    Det-Tronics is part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), a leading provider to the aerospace and building systems industries worldwide

    Complete Product line

    To offer products that meet our exact requirements, we manufacture (at a component level) many of the flame and gas detectors used in our systems. This characteristic makes us unique among many of the safety system manufacturers.
    EQP Controllers - Our fire and gas safety systems support addressable-loop and point-to-point architectures -- all solutions are highly fault tolerant, configurable detection and releasing systems
    Flame deetctors - Our optical flame detectors incorporate the latest technologies in UV, IR, UV/IR, Dual IR, and Multi-spectrum IR to maximize detection while minimizing false alarms
    Gas detectors -Our gas detectors accurately detect the presence of combustible and toxic gases. The full line includes nanotechnology metal oxide semiconductor (NTMOS), catalytic
    FlexSonic Acoustic Gas Leak Detector
    Learn more……..




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    Crowcon make gas detection instruments for oxygen, flammable and toxic gas hazards. Fixed gas detectors protect plant; portable gas monitors protect people; and control panels integrate gas detection into engineered fire and gas fixed systems.

    Portable gas Monitors - Crowcon provide both single gas and multigas monitors for personal monitoring and portable safety applications providing protection against a wide range of industrial gas hazards. Models vary by size and complexity depending on the number and type of gas sensors used, display and certification but it is Crowcon’s philosophy that each should be properly suited to its task.

    Fixed Gas detectors - Crowcon use a variety of measurement, protection and communications technologies to offer a flexible range of products able to measure flammable, toxic and oxygen gases, report their presence and activate alarms or associated equipment

    Control Panels -Crowcon fixed gas monitoring systems are designed to be interfaced with manual call points, fire and gas detectors and distributed control systems (DCS). In addition each system can be engineered to drive remote annunciators and mimic panels.


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  • e2s  

    E2S is one of the world's leading independent manufacturers of high-performance audible and visual signals for commercial, industrial, marine, onshore and offshore hazardous locations. Combining the latest technology with engineering expertise we have created the most extensive range of life saving signals that satisfy the toughest global standards.

    • Electronic alarm horn sounders
    • visual signaling devices
    • combination sounders and beacons
    • manual call points in break glass, push button and tool reset
    • PA loudspeakers
    • industrial sirens
    • voice recordable alarm horns
    • electro mechanical bell, siren, claxon and buzzer alternatives
    • telephone initiated beacons and sounders
    • traffic and status lights
    • panel mounted lights and buzzers

    Worldwide product approvals including;
    • ATEX
    • IECEx
    • GOST-R
    • UL
    • cULs
    • FM

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  • Apollo & Advanced Fire Detector, UK


    Apollo offers ranges, including analogue addressable and conventional fire detection devices, as well as ancillary products such as sounders, visual indicators and manual call points
    ATEX, FM, DNV, IEC, LPCB, MED, MCA, UL, UL Canada, Vds, ABS

    Advanced fire panels and systems are known all over the world for their leading performance, flexibility and ease of installation and use.
    Advanced systems are protecting people and property in over 60 countries world wide, in many of the most prestigious and challenging locations. We realize our growth comes from the strongest customer relationships. We stay friendly, flexible and reactive to your requirements and our customer service is consistently rated excellent.
    We manufacture all of our panels to demanding quality standards and hold global approvals. We enjoy full ISO 9001 compliance across manufacturing and design.

    Intelligent Fire Panel - Axis AX is our highest performing UL 864 compliant panel range and comes complete with digital audio
    Ready for Complete Audio Configuration - With the addition of an Advanced audio module any Axis AX control panel or Command Center becomes fully audio capable.
    Axis AX Command Centers are built on the backbone of our Axis intelligent fire panels to support a wide variety of configurations and applications
    Axis AX’s loop device range is high performance, easily installed and maintained and offers a range of features and benefits suitable for almost any configuration
    Software for Advanced Fire Systems Dynamix Tools is a suite of applications that make installing, configuring, customizing, monitoring, maintaining and managing a fire system easy, even with very complicated configurations




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  • Fire Fighting Systems  

    Ginge-Kerr Water Mist : Water Mist System: Efficient fire suppression performance using much less water than conventional water deluge and spray systems. Customized engineered systems are available for a wide range of petrochemical, offshore and general industrial applications
    Caccialanza : Fire Extinguishing system for Tunnel Protection: Innovating fire extinguishing system for tunnel fires, for fully automatic intervention or for remote operation from a remote Control Room.The system is based on the proven technology of fire fighting remote controlled
    Kidde Fire Trainers: Live Fire Training simulators replicate realistic heat, smoke & flame chaos for real fire  emergency, yet do so in a controlled & environmentally sound manner.



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