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    Total solutions provided for Access Network including supply & services.
    Consultancy and products for outside plant network rehabilitation, reorganization and construction of new facilities.
    Copper & Fiber optic cable system integration and turnkey solution for Industrial projects.
    Network enhanced and Value added services using IVRs for GSM & PSTN Networks.
    Broadband Wireless Access System Solutions for Cable TV networks.
    Products and Services for Fiber to the Home System.
    Smart Home Automation
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    Video acquisition and aggregation for network operators.

    The merging of TV and internet as well as the rapidly changing consumer habits when using linear and non-linear TV have an impact on the requirements for modern headend technology. At the same time, the fast technological progress in the development of fixed and mobile end devices is a considerable challenge to telecommunication companies, cable network operators and city carriers where the introduction of new services is concerned. Sustainable headend systems are the means to reinforce and further expand one's market position in this extremely dynamic environment. At the same time, these systems have to fulfil particular requirements. Among them are a space-saving, compact installation, user-friendliness, and increasingly, the aspect of energy efficiency.

    WISI offers two headend systems of varying capacity which meet these requirements to the highest degree. Tangram is a high-density platform designed for cost-effective and energy-efficient signal acquisition as well as "Edge" applications. The system offers all necessary functions in extremely high density for the operation in professional networks. With the software based headend system Chameleon WISI takes another approach. Its modules are programmed and configured via software. The underlying concept offers the user extreme flexibility with the conversion of input signals into all current output signals required the network. At the same time the headend can be updated any time via software in the shortest possible time, with just a keystroke. The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) has awarded this innovative headend concept with the prestigious SCTE Award 2013 for Technical Innovation in the category "Best digital processing solution".

    Product used for this Solution:

    The high performance headend for gateway and EDGE applications.

    The award-winning headend: software-based video processing.

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    Optical transport platform for HFC and Fiber-to-the-X

    Compact Headend
    Cost-effective headend for small and medium size networks.



    Multimedia server to provide additional services to TV networks.


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  • WISI - Software based channel processing  

    Chameleon is a modular headend system that requires only one single type of module. The integrated components can adapt their function depending on requirements. They are designed for all current and future applications and they are ideally suited for the transition from the analogue to the digital world as well as the connection between HFC- and IP distribution platforms.

     One hardware for all applications
     Flexibility through software applications
     Scalability in function and installation size
     Stability during operation
     Easy installation, commissioning and operation
     Excellent performance, suitable for large network operators

    Universal Headend for any application:

    The headend system Chameleon provides the user with universal applications. The Chameleon modules are fully flexible configurable via software. This concept is unprecedented in the international market. It provides the user with absolute asset protection. Among the Chameleon software components are: DVB receivers for different signal paths, transmodulators, Edge QAM, MPEG-4 decoder, IP and ASI streamer and remultiplexer.

    Solutions with the Chameleon:

    RF Overlay:
    Solutions for video services in GPON and Active Ethernet networks.

    The days of good old linear TV are far from being numbered. On the contrary, over the last years TV viewing time in private households has even further increased from an already high level. However, the way how and especially where viewers use their TV is changing. In the course of Video-On-Demand, MultiScreen, SmartTV, and HbbTV viewing habits and needs change from generation to generation. As a rule TV becomes more interactive and mobile the younger the viewer is. At the same time there is a trend towards HD technology. As a consequence, bandwidth requirements are rapidly increasing. Telecommunications service providers and city carriers have to take this development into account when expanding their existing network infrastructure.

    Economically efficient expansion strategies are needed. For mere distribution services - such as TV - a point-to-multiple-point solution like RF Overlay is advisable. All analogue and digital TV channels are transmitted to the customer via an additional wavelength (1550nm) or through a dedicated fiber. With its high-capacity optical platform Optopus, WISI offers system operators a technically mature solution for the realization of optical TV distribution in FTTx networks. The platform includes a wide range of 1550 nm transmitters as well as powerful EDFAs whose capacity vary with the dimension and topology of the respective network thereby providing system operators with an ideal solution which is equally efficient and sustainable.

    Everything you need for your cable network:

    From the headend to the wall-outlet: everything for the cable network.

    The HFC networks of network providers and city carriers are anymore solely designed to the broadcasting of analogue and digital TV programs. In the last few years communication services such as broad band internet access, video-on-demand and telephony have been added. Beyond that, customers want more and more to use higher definition contents on their mobile end devices, which have to be provided by the network operator. These new interactive TV and data services in particular increase the requirements for flexibility and bandwidth in the backbone as well as the access network.

    Wisi has the ideal answer to how to meet the bandwidth requirements of providers which have developed their network with HFC technology in combination with DOCSIS cable systems are in demand; it is WISI's optical high-density platform Optopus for HFC networks. This includes, amongst other things, a portfolio of optical transmitters and amplifiers as well as return path receivers for any HFC application. The use of O-band WDM technology with corresponding WISI components for example minimizes the HFC cluster and maximizes the bandwidth for connected customers extremely cost-efficient without using additional glass fiber.


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  • Elvox Audio/Video Door Entry Systems  


    Intelligent Solutions:


    Specializing in ELV solutions, the IS division promotes some of the world-renowned names in Fire and Safety, CCTV, IPTV/SMATV, Video/Audio Door Entry, Automatic Gates, Home Automation, Guest Room Management, Wiring Accessories, Nurse Call, and other ELV Systems.


    The division employs factory-trained engineers and technicians, and provides design, implementation and after sale service for the offered systems.

    Elvox, Italy:


    Elvox has emerged, since its inception in 1954, as one of the most successful security systems' manufacturers in the world, specialising in Audio/Video Door Entry Systems, Automatic Gates and CCTV systems. By joining Vimar in 2011, Elvox was able to conclude the development of its 2-WIRE PLUS system for the 7200 series and the Wide Touch monitors featuring 7" hands-free technology; the new types were added to its standard Giotto series with 3.5" TFT LCD monitor. It also launched the totally new TAB series in its contemporary elegant and sleek design which comes with standard handsets and hands-free types with feather touch capacitive controls.; it also features two screen sizes 3.5" & 4.3".

    The all new PIXEL Entrance Panel crowns the climax of Elvox continuous innovations with its modern design featuring IK10 rate of harness and versatile finishes (Grey, Black, Anodized Grey & White).

    The digital panel is offered with 3.5" colour LCD display, which, with an 80° horizontal viewing angle, ensures excellent reading even in backlit conditions.

    Designed to ensure quick, functional installation, Pixel can be maintained from the front, without having to remove the panel. Special hinges support the modules even when they are open, so you can work with your hands free.

    Elvox door entry video/audio systems are installed in some of the most prestigious and large projects in the UAE like Al Muneera at Al Raha Beach Development, and Ocean Heights Tower, the world's fifth tallest residential skyscraper in the heart of Dubai Marina.

    Elvox products can fully be integrated with Vimar's Home Automation Systems.


    Wiring Accessories:

    The elegant series of wiring accessories Eikon Evo stands out from the crowd. Its precious materials and ultra slim profile makes it immaculate, light, minimalist silhouette that stands just a few millimetres proud of the wall.


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  • Elvox Gate Barriers  




    Automatic Barrier Automatic barrier system with aluminium barrier section up to 3.20 m, supplied in kit ready for installation.

    Kit consisting of: two 1.60m modular arms with bult-in brackets, safety switch trim with covers, support, anchoring arm, 12V D.C. electromechanical motor, control unit powered by 230V A.C. 50-60Hz with built-in two-channel receiver, flashing light with aerial, pair of photocells, support column, two 433MHz two-channel radio controls. For battery supply use optional battery type ZBA1.

    Day & Night cameras for daytime colour vision and night-time vision with DSP image control processor. Equipped with Sony Super HDD sensor and 4mm to 9mm Varifocal lens with LED illuminators for operation from 25 to 50 metres. The range also includes a Varifocal camera with On Screen Display to program camera functions, including: privacy, motion detection, mirror, back light, contrast and sharpness control, Digital Noise Reduction, Sens-up. Aluminium housing and sunshade, IR antiglare window.


    Noise Reduction, Sens-up. Aluminium housing and sunshade, IR antiglare window




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    Grundig is a world-class German manufacturer and long-established consumer electronics brand, with a reputation for high quality and superb reliability.

    Grundig Security advanced Video surveillance systems for professional applications,high-quality, exceptional functionality and simple operation with Innovative technologies, excellent design, high quality and ease of use.

    Camera Technology

    Grundig has embraced the new technology and incorporated it into an extensive CCTV surveillance camera range.

    The camera range includes PTZ and anti-vandal domes, bullet for internal and external applications, with traditional box and specialist, compact casing designs also available.

    Each camera has impressive functionality, meeting every current surveillance requirement which offers advanced specifications, making effective use of the latest technologies. These include high resolutions providing clear images for detailed identification and evidential purposes a variety of exposure methods and encrypted recording directly onto a SD card. Intelligent features include privacy zones for non-invasive surveillance and legal compliance intelligent alerts to operators and system management tools using motion detection and other alarm triggers.


    The Professional range provides a high resolution, greater processing power and increased storage.

    Each NVR will drive up to independent monitors which are configured within a system and connected using the HDMI, VGA or BNC ports. A "Digital Spot Monitor" feature allows users to display the video from all the system cameras, using just the bandwidth equivalent of a single, Full HD channel. The NVRs support Grundig, ONVIF, PSIA and many other protocols, making system upgrades quick and simple.

    Intelligent event and alarm management features provide rapid search functionality, automatically triggering a series of agreed actions.

    Remote access for viewing and managing the NVRs is enabled using an intuitive SCMS App and SCMS PC application.



    The Grundig VMS provides reliable protection of people, places and assets.

    Using flexible ICT infrastructures, it seamlessly integrates video security with access control, alarm management and professional communications systems to meet the needs of any site, anywhere. Built-in system intelligence increases operator efficiency and effectiveness, whilst saving costs.

    Intelligent content analysis within the Grundig VMS includes motion, scene, vehicle and face recognition, which can be applied to live video and playback.

    Reliability and efficiency are core to Grundig VMS. Innovative and intelligent features include system-wide event handling with customizable scripts; system scalability; third party integrations and highly configurable, user rights.

    We are always on hand with competent service.

    German video security excellence - by GRUNDIG


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  • SMBs and Enterprises  

    OneAccess designs, manufactures and brings to market innovative multi-service routing platforms so communications and other service providers can deliver profitable, CPE-based managed and tailored business services for SMBs and Enterprises.

    Multi-service access routers and Carrier Ethernet devices ensuring service continuity and a high quality of experience for managed broadband, wireless data and voice services.

    WAN optimization appliances providing businesses with a noticeably improved end-user experience for their data and Cloud applications

    A global track record encompassing the deployment of more than 1 million multi-service routers to date, helping to satisfy countless businesses clients worldwide

    OneAccess is amongst the rare telecom product suppliers to deliver embedded PBX and SBC capabilities without changing the hardware requirements to do so.





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  • Smart Home Automation System  

    Simple, easy and intuitive, the Vimar By-me home automation system is designed to be compatible with every kind of home and lifestyle, helping to make our daily lives easier and more comfortable.

    By-me is an easy-to-program Bus system for the coordinated management of all functions traditionally controlled using standard devices such as switches, dimmers, timers and video door entry systems. These devices are unable to interact and therefore cannot be programmed or managed from a single supervision point. With By-me however, the household electrical installation is integrated into a centralized system, allowing for extremely effective regulation and control.

    By-me is compatible with Konnex networks to guarantee interoperability with the thousands of products made by companies associated with Konnex, one of the international standards for home and building automation.
    Simply by pressing a button, the user can select one of 32 different temperature, lighting and comfort scenes, configured according to daily needs. This reliable and automatic system even communicates via mobile phone when the user is away from home. The system monitors the status of home appliances, promptly reporting alarms. In the event of overload, it cuts power to appliances according to a pre-programmed sequence, thus preventing the inconvenience of blackouts which require power to be switched back on manually at the fuse box.
    Safety and security, comfort, energy saving, communication and video door entry are all integrated into a single system which continually adapts to the user's changing demands.

    Safety and security
    The Vimar By-me system helps to considerably increase safety and security in and around the home, by integrating all installation components into a single system which maximizes performance and warns the homeowner of impending dangers. The use of a single Bus allows for integration of
    natural gas/LPG/carbon monoxide, smoke and water leak detectors. Whenever an appropriately calibrated device detects a dangerous situation, it sends an alarm via SMS and can activate various devices, such as solenoid valves, in order to secure the building
    motion detectors which emit an audible alarm and send text message alerts to warn the homeowner of unwanted intrusions. These sensors can be switched on/off using suitable devices (digital keypads, transponder keys etc.) and are controlled and monitored from the control panel or 4.3-inch touch screen. This type of device can perform very different functions to those for which it was desigined: in fact a motion detector can be used to switch lights on or off, in the same way that a window sensor can be used to automatically switch off the air conditioning or central heating
    Indoor cameras to set up a CCTV video surveillance system. Particularly useful in households with infants or toddlers, enabling parents to keep their children constantly under guard via the control panel monitor or a television screen, using the baby watching function

    Energy Saving
    Load control and monitoring is an important power-saving feature of the Vimar By-me home automation system. Basically it monitors power usage around the clock, automatically intervening when the preset values are exceeded in order to prevent the risk of power failure due to overload. In this way, it saves the homeowner the inconvenience of having to reset the main switch at the fuse box, which is often hard to access. The system can therefore be programmed so that, in the event of overload, it automatically disconnects supervised sockets from loads which have been previously identified as non-priority. The additional integration of climate and lighting control functions further enhances the home automation system’s energy-saving credentials. For example, it is possible to set the ambient temperature to maintain a standby (e.g. low consumption) value whenever no-one is at home, or to have the lights switch off automatically when you leave.

    This is where the By-me home automation system comes into its own compared with conventional lighting and electrical installations. The parameters of the entire system can be programmed and modified at any time. This means that all of the functions installed in the home (burglar alarm, lighting scenes, climate, automations, load control etc.) can be monitored and managed centrally from the control panel, or locally via the touch screen. This centralization of all applications drastically simplifies home automation control and helps to economies on time and resources.


    The By-me home automation system communicates with the user in different ways.
    • Via mobile phone. With a simple text message, for example, it is possible to activate and deactivate the burglar alarm, communicate break-in alerts, set the climate and control the various comfort and lighting scenes. Various technical alarms - for example relating to power failures, gas or water leaks - can also be received via mobile phone.

    • By means of the Vimar application for Microsoft Media Centre, you can link up to the home automation system via your TV screen – using a straightforward remote control - or PC, turning it into a comprehensive control station that integrates home automation and entertainment. This means that you can supervise your entire home simply and intuitively, managing burglar alarms, video monitoring, climate, lighting, automation and video door entry. All of this while watching a movie comfortably seated on the sofa, listening to the favorite music or working in front of the computer.

    Video door entry unit
    By incorporating one or more external video call panels into the home automation system, it is possible to make contact with visitors and control access to the home. You can display images of callers, open the electric door/gate lock, turn on entrance lights and make intercom calls, all via the control panel.

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  • Fiber Optic Splice Closures  

    Fiber Optic Splice Closures provide protection in aerial, underground, and pedestal applications.

    A fiber optic splice closure includes a series of stacked splice trays pivotally secured within a housing, and oval shaped generally flexible transport tubes carrying the exposed optical fibers to the splice trays within the closure. The transport tubes have a differential flexibility to permit bending i a direction generally normal to the major dimension of the tube while preventing bending in a direction generally normal to the minor dimension of the tube. Accordingly, optical fiber ribbons carried by the transport tubes are protected from bending in a direction normal to their minor dimension. The splice trays are pivotally secured at one end to a bracket secured to an end cap of the housing. A hinge for each splice tray includes detents to hold an individual tray in a raised position to thereby facilitate access to an underlying tray. In addition, splice holders are provided on each splice tray and include a series of generally flexible walls extending outwardly from a base. The flexible walls further include hollow cavities to more readily accommodate splices of different sizes. A generally rigid shell with a predetermined pattern of openings therein is positioned to overlie the base carrying the flexible walls.






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