• Instrumentation & Control Division Capabilities  

    The Instrumentation & Control Division of Telectron handles Invensys-Foxboro, Belden-Hirschmann, Fireye-Forney  & Pepperl+Fuchs products and systems.  We can suggest proper selection of products for various applications related to these products and systems.

    We provide selection and sizing of relevant flow meters and instrumentation based on the process conditions and budget constraints of the clients. We provide economical and reliable products and solutions from our principals' range of products and systems.

    In today's day and age when time is all important, we can suggest solutions and proposals across the table. We provide quick response to all technical and commercial queries from the customers to assist them with their projects. In co-ordination with our principals we provide commissioning assistance and quick services to support the installed base of our products and systems.

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  • Foxboro SCADA Systems  

    The Foxboro I/A Series Intelligent SCADA demonstrates world-class technology leadership for mission critical processes and utility industries. It's the one SCADA system that can guarantee the economic success of your automation effort, keeping you one step ahead of changing technologies.

    This solution provides the industry's only platform designed from the ground up for rapid recovery of your operations in an emergency. The unique architecture boosts availability and real-time access. While sensing data and quickly transmitting it to the control room operators may not seem like much of a challenge, I/A Series Intelligent SCADA turns data into useful information and supports it with simple, relevant decision alternatives for the operators.

    Foxboro provides Intelligent Power Grid solution which is a suite of applications for the Power Industries. These SCADA solutions continuously improve operating performance and reduce costs. The Intelligent Power Grid features powerful management tools to fully satisfy various operational and business requirements, yet it is fast enough to adapt to the evolving needs.

    Foxboro provides Intelligent Pipeline solution which is a powerful business solution from wellhead to burner tip. This solution provides latest SCADA technology for the oil and gas industries and guarantee improved performance to meet both today's needs and tomorrows requirements.

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  • Foxboro Field Instruments  

    The Foxboro Company was the first company to manufacture the D/P cell. The company now provides advanced accurate, reliable instruments to measure or analyze temperature, pressure, flow, level and electrochemical variables.

    From transmitters to sensors, positioners to recorders and controllers, these complement the Foxboro DCS & SCADA systems and software to provide Sensor to Boardroom automation solutions.

    The instruments in the Foxboro range are :

    Pressure, DP & Temperature Transmitters
    Displacer Type Level Transmitters
    I/P Converters & P/I Converters
    Vortex Flowmeters, Magnetic Flowmeters & Coriolis Flowmeters
    Recorders, Controllers, Indicators & Totalizers
    PH & Conductivity Meters

    The Foxboro instruments offer complete, bidirectional communication in multiple protocols like HART, FOXCOM or Foundation Fieldbus. So the customer gets seamless integration with the flagship I/A Series and other automation systems resulting in powerful new functionality plus major savings in time and costs for commissioning, startup, operation and maintenance.

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  • Foxboro Pneumatic Instruments

    In addition to advanced microprocessor based instrumentation, Foxboro still manufactures , supplies and supports the complete range of Pneumatic instrumentation.

    These are extremely reliable and rugged instruments providing years of trouble free operation

    The Pneumatic instruments in the Foxboro range are :

    Pneumatic Pressure, DP & Temperature Transmitters
    Pneumatic Displacer Type Level Transmitters
    Pneumatic Recorders, Controllers, Indicators & Totalizers

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  • Foxboro Distributed Control Systems
    Foxboro with it's Intelligent Automation (I/A) Series DCS is one of the leading suppliers of Control Systems in the world.

    The I/A Series is the one industrial process automation system that can meet the needs of any enterprise in any industry. From small, stand alone processes that need basic, reliable functionality to complex integrated enterprises that control critical or hazardous operations, the I/A Series System scales to meet any challenges.

    Whether your process is a simple batch, a continuous stream, a mix of discrete and continuous operations, or a critical continuous facility requiring non-stop operation and state-of-the-art security, the I/A series is the ideal solution for your needs. From e-business driven requirements to the traditional bottom-line approach, you get open communications standards every step of the way.

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  • HIRSCHMANN Automation & Control

    #As a specialist in automation and networking systems, Hirschmann Automation and Control offers a complete, integrated structure for data communication throughout the company. Hirschmann Automation and Control offers Industrial Ethernet products like switches, hubs and routers for all applications and transmitting media. Hirschmann is one of the most highly experienced manufacturers of industrial network solutions based on industrial Ethernet. Industrial Ethernet offers a wide range of transmission media such as copper, fibre and also "wireless"; data transmission rates range from 10 Mbit/s, 100 Mbit/s to 1 Gigabit/s. In this way process and manufacturing data is not just available at the field level, but is seamlessly integrated into higher-level data acquisition systems.

    For more details, please click the following link: 

    Hirschmann Products

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    For over a half century, Pepperl+Fuchs has been continually providing new concepts for the world of process automation. Pepperl+Fuchs sets standards in quality and innovative technology. They  develop, produce and distribute electronic interface modules, Human-Machine Interfaces and hazardous location protection equipment on a global scale, meeting the most demanding needs of industry. Resulting from their world-wide presence and high flexibility in production and customer service, they are able to individually offer complete solutions – wherever and whenever cutomers need. They are the recognized experts in their technologies.

    Pepperl+Fuchs has earned a strong reputation by supplying the world's largest process industry companies with the broadest line of proven components for a diverse range of applications.

    Pepperl+Fuchs designs, produces and distributes electronic sensors and components for the global Automation market. Continuous innovation, enduring quality, and steady growth guarantees continued success.

    The Factory Automation Division is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of industrial inductive, photoelectric and ultrasonic sensors. Complementing this line of mostly binary sensors, we also offer complex sensors, identification and communication systems.

    The Process Automation Division is the market leader for intrinsically safe components and intrinsically safe decentralized peripherals. Our products easily connect with Fieldbus Components and allow the simple design of Fieldbus Topology


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