Technology company TKH Group NV (TKH) is an internationally active group of companies specialising in the creation and delivery of innovative Telecom, Building and Industrial Solutions.

The TKH core technologies –vision & security, communications, connectivity and production systems– are interlinked to form complete systems and solutions in the solutions segments and associated vertical markets TKH has defined. TKH’s goal is to use this interlinked approach to realise far-reaching synergies between the company’s various business units.

At TKH Group we specialise in the development and delivery of systems and networks for the provision of information, telecommunication, electrotechnical engineering and industrial production. Each and every one an innovative solution with which we help our clients around the world stay one step ahead. And we really go all the way. The needs of our clients are the basic premise: on the basis of their and our experience we jointly search for the solutions that fit those needs the best. From advice through placement in operation. And whatever solution we come up with, we combine in a clever way the knowledge, components and techniques of our operating companies and their partners. Thanks to an integrated approach to your project you can count on a solution that is both cohesive and creative