KFT’s training systems, controlled by computer and fuelled by propane or natural gas; allow realistic fire training in a safe and environmentally sound manner. These training systems have been widely adopted by municipal, airport and industrial fire departments as well as military and maritime fire training organizations worldwide.Our history began in 1943 when The Austin Company created its Special Devices Division to design and supply training equipment for the U.S. Navy. Renamed “Austin Electronics”, the division continued to focus on training systems. In 1979, Austin Electronics began the development of the U.S. Navy’s first modern Fire Fighting Trainer, Device 19F1, which the division successfully installed at the Norfolk Naval Base in 1984. The Company was renamed later on to Symtron Systems Inc.

Acquired by Kidde plc in September 2003, Symtron Systems inc. (USA), Symtron GmbH (Germany), ICS International Code Services (Canada and UK), and IFTE International Fire Training Equipment Limited (UK) are now offering their products under the name “Kidde Fire Trainers.” Additionally, the full technical Know-how of all Kidde Fire Trainers companies worldwide is available to every employee at any time.

Kidde plc was acquired by United Technologies Corp. (UTC) on 1 April 2005 and integrated under the UTC Climate, Controls & Security division (formally known as UTC Fire & Security).

Since March 2015 Kidde Fire Trainers has the US based company Keystone Capital, Inc. as a new strong partner at its side. With this partner Kidde Fire Trainers has both the necessary freedom and rear cover to grow further and handle even the biggest projects successfully.

In its more than 35 consecutive years in the business, KFT has installed about 3,000 fire places at over 700 private as well as federal, state, county, municipal, and other government agencies throughout the world. KFT has been in the computer-controlled, gas fuelled fire trainer business longer than any other company and have fielded more fire training systems than all competitors combined and will be around in the long term to support customer’s investment in Fire Training.