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Chem CO2 Total Flooding ULC Listing
Chem LPCO2 Extinguishing Systems Units MEA 119-05-E
Chem LPCO2 FM Approval
Chem LPCO2 Marine System UL Listing
Chem LPCO2 Total Flood UL Listing, GAMT.EX2157
Chemetron Clean Agent Extinguishing System Units UL Listing, GAQF.EX4655
Kidde ABS CO2 Approval Cert - Expires 03-15-2016
Kidde ABS Confirmation of Product Type Approval FM200-ADS Expires: 09-18-2017
Kidde ADS Novec 1230 FM Approval
Kidde ADS Novec 1230 UL Certificate of Compliance
Kidde ADS Novec 1230 USCG Certificate of Approval
Kidde American Bureau Systems Certificate, Exp: 18-Sep-17
Kidde American Bureau Systems Conf. of Product Type Approval Exp: 18-Sep-2017
Kidde Aries NETLink - City of Chicago Acceptance
Kidde Aries NETLink FM Certificate 
Kidde ARIES NETLink Sub-Assemblies UL & cUL Listing Verification Letter
Kidde B9 FM Certificate
Kidde B9 UHMV.E154860 - Fire Alarm Devices for Use in Hazardous Locations
Kidde B9 UNIU.S2984 - Boxes, Noncoded
Kidde Det Norske Veritas DNV Approval Cert. Exp: 31-Dec-2016
Kidde DNV CO2 Approval Cert - Expires 06-30-2015
Kidde DNV EC Type-Exam Cert MED-B-7961, Exp: 28-Sep-2017
Kidde DNV MED N1230 Expire_MED-D-1502, Expire:05-30-2016
Kidde DNV NOVEC1230_Expire_MED-D-806_03-31-2011
Kidde DNV QS-Cert of Assessment-EC MED-D-1502, Exp: 30-May-2016
Kidde DNV Type Approval Cert. F-20253, Exp: 31-Dec-2016
Kidde DNV_MED_N1230_MED-B7962_Expire_09-28-2017
Kidde FM Approval ASD-160H, ASD-320, and ASD-640
Kidde FM Certificate of Compliance Listing
Kidde FM Listing ASD-160 & ASD-320 - Fire Detectors-Smoke (1-30-13)
Kidde FM Listing ASD-160 & ASD-320 - VEWFD (1-30-13)
Kidde FM Listing ASD-640 - Fire Detectors-Smoke (1-30-13)
Kidde FM Listing ASD-640 - VEWFD (1-30-13)
Kidde FM Listing SmartOne APIC - FM Listing Updates
Kidde Lloyd's Register Cert of Approval - Exp. 01-14-2014
Kidde Lloyd's Register Exp 1-Aug-2010
Kidde NYC Cert. of Approval COA-5614 Exp 27-Aug-2016
Kidde NYC Fire Dept. Cert. of Approval #6128 - ARIES NETLink with Networking
Kidde NYC Fire Dept. Certificate of Approval #6092
Kidde TC_LOA_KFS_N1230_Expire_05-31-2016
Kidde Trans Canada Renewal Letter of Acceptance, Exp: 31-May-2016
Kidde Transport Canada Letter Of Acceptance FM200-ADS Exp: 2017-09-18
Kidde UL Listing URXG.S1064
Kidde US Coast Guard Cert. Of Approval - Exp 06-26-2018
Kidde US Coast Guard Cert. of Approval, Exp: 10-Aug-2017
Kidde US Coast Guard Letter of Approval FM200-ADS Exp: 08-10-2017
Kidde USCG Cert of Approval, Exp 10-Aug-2017
Kidde WHDR NYC Cert of Approval COA-5646 Exp 10-Sep-2016
    UL Listed 
Fire Alarm And Emergency Voice Evacuation System
Conventional Fire Alarm System
    BS Standards
Conventional Fire
Document Library - Data Sheets
Chem C-64-001 CARDOX™ Low Pressure CO2 Storage Tanks
Chem LPCO2 Storage Unit
Chemetron LPCO2 Data Sheet
Kidde 73-02 AlarmLine Addressable Linear Heat Detector Module
Kidde AIR-Intelligence 12/24 VDC, 4 Amp, 8 Output Fire/Access PMS
Kidde AIR-Intelligence 12/24 VDC, 8/4 Amp DC Power Supply 
Kidde AIR-Intelligence AL300ULX Power Supply/Charger
Kidde AIR-Intelligence BC5US_Battery Cabinet 
Kidde AIR-Intelligence ClassiFire Data Sheet
Kidde AIR-Intelligence LDD Data Sheet
Kidde AIR-Intelligence Pipe Fittings
Kidde AIR-Intelligence PipeCAD Data Sheet
Kidde AIR-Intelligence PS25 Power Supply Unit, 240v 
Kidde AIR-Intelligence Remote Display Unit (RDU)
Kidde AIR-Intelligence SenseNET Remote Signaling, Interrogation & Setup Software
Kidde Aries Standby Battery Model PS-1212 
Kidde ASD-160H Data Sheet
Kidde ASD-320 Data Sheet 
Kidde ASD-640 Data Sheet
Kidde ASD-Command Module Data Sheet
Kidde F-12-0-001 DETECT-A-FIRE Detection and Release Devices
Kidde F-12-04 Explosion Proof Junction Box for Detect-A-Fire Units
Kidde F-70-04 DST-003 Wireless Sensitivity Tester
Kidde F-70-05 4-Wire DH-60 Air Duct Detector
Kidde F-70-06 2-Wire DH-60 Air Duct Detector
Kidde F-75-005 E Series Speakers and E/ET Series Speaker Strobe
Kidde F-75-008A Alarm Signals Installation Data, Mounting Hardware (Dimensions)
Kidde F-75-009 Model 43T Vibrating Bell
Kidde F-75-011 Series RSS Strobes and Series RSSP Non-Sync/Sync Strobes
Kidde F-75-012 Series SM and DSM Sync Modules
Kidde K-38-1000 Argontie System Description
Kidde K-45-100M - Marine Novec 1230 Engineered Fire Suppression System
Kidde K-45-101 ADS Novec 1230 200 lb. Cyl. & Valve Assy w/ Nit. Driver Assy
Kidde K-45-102 ADS Novec 1230 350 lb.Cylinder and Valve Assembly
Kidde K-45-1021 ECS Fire Suppression System Novec 1230 3-Way Directional Valve
Kidde K-45-103 ADS Novec 1230 600 lb. Cylinder and Valve Assemblies
Kidde K-45-104 ADS Novec 1230 900 lb. Cylinder and Valve Assemblies
Kidde K-45-1900 NOVEC 1230 Fire Suppression Agent
Kidde K-45-2010 Novec Cyl & Valve Assy 10 lb. - 70 lb., Vert. Mount Only
Kidde K-45-2030 Novec Cylinder and Valve Assembly 125 lb. (56.7 kg) Capacity
Kidde K-45-2040 Novec Cylinder and Valve Assembly 200 lb. (90.7 kg) Capacity
Kidde K-45-2050 Novec Cylinder and Valve Assembly 350 lb. (158.7 kg) Capacity
Kidde K-45-2060 Novec Cylinder and Valve Assembly 600 lb. (272.1 kg) Capacity
Kidde K-45-2070 Novec Cylinder Data Sheet
Kidde K-45-2080 Novec Cylinder Valve
Kidde K-45-2100 Novec Valve Outlet Adapter
Kidde K-45-2110 Novec Cylinder Liquid Level Indicator
Kidde K-45-2120 Novec Flexible Discharge Hoses
Kidde K-45-2130 Novec Manifold El-Check
Kidde K-45-2131 Novec Typical Installation of El-Check
Kidde K-45-2140 Novec 360 Degree Pendant Nozzle
Kidde K-45-2150 Novec 180 Degree Pendant Nozzle
Kidde K-45-4080 Novec Corner Pulleys
Kidde K-45-5010 Novec Pressure Operated Control Head
Kidde K-45-5020 - Novec Pressure Operated Control Head, Stackable
Kidde K-45-5030 Novec Lever or Pressure Operated Control Head
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